Vegans, chickens, and mice OH MY!

It was day 5. I was really starting to settle into my new “home.” With some of my clothing unpacked in drawers, toiletries neatly organized in the bathroom, and food stocked in the cabinets and fridge, I was ready for the long haul. I felt so comfortable in the space that I went as far as to lay on the floor not once, but MULTIPLE times for my ab workouts and yoga sessions. Yep, everything was smooth sailing. Until I realized…I wasn’t the only one who was feeling at home in the room. 

Around 11 pm on night 5 I was sitting on my bed with my computer when I saw a little black something crawling on the floor by the couch. Oh that’s nothing, probably a shadow. Double take. Nope, not a shadow. Definitely…a MOUSE. NO NO NO. MOUSE WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE? 

Now…I like to think I am something of a nature person. You know, at one with the animals and all… but THIS? I am not proud when I tell you that I went into full freak out mode. My skin was crawling and my breathing was out of control. Apparently the last few months of my meditation app did nothing to help me in this mouse crisis situation. So naturally I called Bryan to video chat all the while on my safe bed island. He coached me through it and we devised a game plan but the problem is that everything I needed to take the first steps was located in the same area as the mouse house (aka the couch). I mustered up the courage, sprinted to my shoes, sprinted back to the bed and put them on. I felt better with shoes on. The next step was to get to the phone and call the “emergency” number. As much as I hate myself for saying this, YES a mouse in my hotel room IS an emergency in my book.

The man on the phone proposed a solution: let the mouse have the room and I would move to a new one. I agreed. Sorry mousey, this room ain’t big enough for the both of us. The staff left a new room key outside my door and told me I should pack all my things. I tried to minimize the amount of time I had to spend in the room by taking a garbage bag and throwing all the unpacked items in. Sprinting across the room, standing on all available furniture (Except the sofa of course). I then started throwing all my luggage out in the hall, not being quiet at all. Apologies fellow quarantiners but we had a situation on our hands. In the process of doing all this and trying to keep my shit together I saw a large bug skitter across the table and let out an audible scream. Sorry, Comfort Suites but every time I see a living creature in your hotel, you lose a star.

Finally, I had gathered up all my belongings and put them outside the door. By the time I was done packing I had regained composure and some of my fear subsided and I actually contemplated staying and sharing the room with the mouse. HA, just kidding. But I did realize how irrational my fear was and laughed inwardly at the fact that mice are completely oblivious to how much (some) humans fear them. I am sure he had just gotten wind of the fact that I don’t eat meat and thought we could have a sympatico shared residence. 

So, at almost midnight I began to haul all my luggage down the hallway (same floor thankfully) to room 201. When I entered, I realized that the mouse had awarded me an upgrade. While it is probably not any bigger than my last room, it is two bedroom, two bathroom, with a hot shower (my last shower never got warm), and a much improved view! This view may even allow Bryan to come wave to me! (Stay tuned). As soon as I set my stuff down I called Bryan back and he made me check all the crevices in the room for more mice. My skin was still doing its creepy-crawly thing and my mind was on high alert. My search came up negative but what would I have done if I had found another? Move to another room? With more mice? And who knows how long that mouse and I were living in harmony before me even knowing it. Probably all 5 days.

Anyway, after my search I unpacked a bit and showered and then tried to sleep but I think there was some residual adrenaline in my system and I didn’t feel tired. FINALLY around 3 am, I kind of drifted off. But then. THEN. Chickens.

At 3 something in the morning one ill-mannered rooster posted up right outside my window and decided it was as good a time as ever to let out some cockle-doodle-doos. With gusto. And not just one. Not two. I kid you not, this dude was cockle-doodle-dooing for more than 10 minutes straight. At that point I just had to laugh. Do you think the animals are trying to communicate with me? Maybe they sense that I care for them on a personal level and just want to be friends? Whatever the case may be, they sure do make for a good blog. But here’s to hoping the next 10+ days of my quarantine are uneventful and rodent-free. I will continue to respect mice from a distance but I do not need to share a bed with them. Thanks for reading 🙂

PS. Our eyes rarely deceive us. If you think you saw a mouse, you probably saw a mouse. 

4 thoughts on “Vegans, chickens, and mice OH MY!

  1. Oh my goodness Kate! I laughed and laughed at today’s episode 😂 Keep on writing. It’s really great!

  2. This is hilarious! The mouse was just trying to get you closer to Bryan! I’m excited to hear more about this adventure!

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