5 Reasons Why West Bay Should Be On Your Radar

5 Reasons Why West Bay Should Be On Your Radar

If you’re an expat or visitor to Grand Cayman, it’s possible you have only seen the island through Seven-Mile-tinted glasses. This means living out 90% of your Cayman experience inside a 5 to 10 mile radius. What if I told you there was so much more to this island than its small parcel of Caribbean luxury? No, I’m not talking about venturing out to Rum Point or Morritt’s…not that those places aren’t great. In this post today I am talking about heading “out West.” Whether you are looking to buy property, move to a new neighborhood, or find some new island activities, this article is for YOU! Keep reading to discover out the 5 reasons West Bay should be on your Cayman radar.

1. West Bay is blowing up!

It’s no secret that West Bay is developing rapidly. Cayman residents and visitors alike can look forward to many new properties and businesses in this area. This expansion will generate intrigue with the creation of two new dive shops, a rooftop restaurant, and an Ibiza-style full service café. Additional new attractions in West Bay will include the state-of-the-art Aster Cayman Medcity hospital and the outdoor shopping area of West Village which will also feature a grocery store and gas station.

Locals and visitors can keep an especially close eye on the North West Point Rd area which is being filled by multi-million dollar condos & homes. Cayman real estate agents are calling West Bay the perfect up and coming area for a rental investment. It will be ideal for divers and tourists visiting the island who’d prefer an Airbnb to avoid high hotel prices. For more insider tips and property listings in the West Bay area, contact Luxury Real Estate Advisor, Nikki Thomas, of Engel and Völkers. 


2. West Bay is home to many unique restaurants

Tukka, West Bay

You may have stopped for lunch at Tukka while out on an East End jaunt. Australian flavors with a Caribbean twist AND ocean views…what more could you ask for? But unless you live in East End, most likely you are not going to drive to Tukka East every week for a meal. That’s why #2 is so exciting… there is also a Tukka in West Bay! And it’s calling your name. Their daily catch is supplied by Cayman’s local fishermen and often features Yellowfin Tuna, Mahi-Mahi, Wahoo, Snapper, Lionfish, and spiny Lobster. Enjoy these fresh “Aussi meets Cayman” dishes from their shaded terrace overlooking the Caribbean sea. 

Some other restaurants to try in West Bay include Vivo, Calypso Grill, Cracked Conch, Pappagallo, and Heritage Kitchen.

Tukka West Bay Cayman
Tukka West Bay
tukka west bay cayman
Tukka West Bay – Tacos
tukka west bay
Tukka West Bay, Bobo’s Bar

3. West Bay has lovely beaches

We all know and love Seven Mile Beach, but Cayman has many other beaches that are worth a visit. Barkers Beach in West Bay is one of them! This wouldn’t be my first choice beach for a swim, but it’s a wonderful place for a beach walk or an unforgettable island adventure! For example, Barkers is Cayman’s kite-surfing mecca during the months of November through April. It’s also the island’s top destination for horseback riding (on the white sands AND in the water!) If all of this sounds a bit too action-packed for your liking, a simple reading session on the beach will do just fine!

Another beach option in West Bay is of course, West Bay Public Beach. This secluded spot is close to many eateries including Heritage Kitchen (more details in #5 of this list!). It also features bathrooms, changing facilities, and an easily accessible boat ramp.

barkers beach grand cayman
Barker’s Beach, West Bay, Grand Cayman
barker's beach west bay

4. West Bay is hiding an absolute gem of a walking route

Perhaps walking routes don’t excite you in the same way they excite me, but I think we can all benefit from peaceful places in nature. Boggy Sands Road is exactly this kind of place. It is the perfect little route for a leisurely morning or afternoon stroll. Park along the sea wall at Heritage Kitchen and meander down the residential street as far as it will take you. (Walk slowly, it is not a very long journey). You will come across beautiful palms, traditional Caymanian homes, a picturesque beach access, and maybe even a couple Cayman parrots!

Once you’ve finished the short walk, you can go for your swim or sip your coffee while reading a book on the sea wall. If you’ve worked up an appetite, you could also treat yourself to some local fare at Heritage Kitchen. Fresh fish fry, fritters and fish tea are some of their most popular dishes. 

Boggy Sands Road
Boggy Sands Road
Boggy Sands Road
Boggy Sands Road
West Bay, Grand Cayman
Boggy Sands Beach Access

5. West Bay is teeming with Caribbean island charm

The same Boggy Sand vibe described above is prevalent throughout much of West Bay. There is a rustic island essence to this side of Grand Cayman that cannot be experienced inside the hustle and bustle of Seven Mile Beach. Its winding, residential roads are lined with Caribbean-style homes and native greenery. West Bay is also home to many jerk stands that are consistently packed with loyal customers. There are many secluded beach accesses that are perfect for exploring and finding yourself in nature. In this part of this island it is truly about slowing down and stopping to smell the flowers (maybe even literally!) 

West Bay, Grand Cayman
West Bay, Grand Cayman
West Bay, Grand Cayman


There you have it — 5 great reasons why West Bay should be on your radar either as an area to visit or a place to live! I personally hope that the growth in this area of the island will help to bring new energy and fresh feeling to West Bay while maintaining its quintessential Caribbean charm. May the development in this area attracts conscious visitors and residents who will honor the originality and local spirit of this beautiful side of the island. 

Thanks for reading! 


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