Where to Shop in Cayman: Spacie Store | Trendiest Island Looks

Where to Shop in Cayman: Spacie Store | Trendiest Island Looks

So you have an upcoming event…maybe it’s a brunch, a boat party, or even a long weekend getaway. You’re so excited until you remember…you have nothing to wear! We’ve all been there. In Cayman, this wardrobe crisis is multiplied by ten, given the shortage of cool and affordable clothing stores. We’re living in the land of endless summer–we need options! Find out where to shop in Cayman below.

Luckily for Cayman residents, the tides are changing with the opening of a new, trendy clothing store called Spacie. My first impression of their website was ‘chic essentials at a reasonable price.’  The kind of styles that make basic girls like me magically transform into Hailey Biebers without breaking the bank. Genius.

With a trip to Cuba on the horizon, and feeling bored with my wardrobe, I couldn’t waste any time taking Spacie for a spin. I describe my first-time shopping experience with them below! (Spoiler alert: it was an excellent one).

The Website

Spacie’s website is clean-cut and user-friendly, pointing you in the right direction with easy-to-find categories. Their main offering is women’s clothes but they also stock swimwear, shoes, and a bunch of super cute accessories like sunglasses. Additionally, there is a modest collection of men’s wear, but they just opened and the inventory is growing!

Once you’re on the website, create an account so you can save items and/or add them to your cart. When you’re happy with your order, the checkout process is quick and smooth, prompting you with options for pick-up or delivery, along with your payment details. You will receive a confirmation email once your order has gone through with a summary of your purchased items. It’s a professional system that allows you to feel safe and confident throughout each stage of the online shopping process.


Spacie sizes include Small, Medium, and Large, with some XS and XL for certain items. Typically a size 4, I ordered everything in size S and found it to be a perfect fit! These are designs that compliment a wide range of body types; however, in the event that your items don’t work, Spacie allows hassle-free returns to their headquarters in George Town, crediting your Spacie store account within 48 hours. Additional sizing guidance is also available upon request via Spacie’s contact page. 

Customer Service / Pick-Up

Next-day pick-up is a saving grace in the ever-fluctuating social calendars of Cayman. Possibly the best part of this process is visiting the illustrious White House in Georgetown just behind the new Starbucks. It’s a striking building that emanates regal energy, subsequently infusing your retail therapy with the dose of confidence you deserve. Now this is where to shop in Cayman.

My service was excellent. Within ten seconds of entering the lobby, the receptionist greeted me and proffered up my bag of fabulous wardrobe additions. I didn’t really want to leave if I’m being honest. Afterward, you and your shopping bags can head to Starbucks to revel in your fresh ‘fit energy over an oat milk latte. 

*Spacie customers also have the option of delivery for a fee of $10. Click here to read about the delivery hours and additional pick-up information.

White House, Cayman

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The Clothing

Like any sensible person, I came home, turned on some music, poured myself a glass of wine, and tried on my clothes. So much better than a cramped dressing room, right? The results were so satisfying I had no choice but to strut myself up and down the Holiday Inn beachfront like a Spacie runway model. Kendall Jenner could never. I will let the photos speak for themselves!


The vibe: as the name suggests, this dress is perfect for a brunch…tropical glam meets beach casual. The dress works just as well with heels as it does with sandy bare feet.

The feel: fits like a glove, outrageously comfortable. As you can see, I situated the top straps slightly different than the model, but I’m super happy with both looks!

My favorite part: The colors, and the flattering silhouette it creates


The vibe: Free-spirited meets party elegance, this set can be worn in a variety of settings. I bought mine just in time to wear to the White Party at the Cayman Latin Dance Festival, and I can confirm it’s more than suitable for salsa dancing!

The feel: The top is adjustable, allowing you to tailor a perfect fit. After taking some time to get it just how I wanted, I felt super comfortable and well-covered at the front. The fabric is soft and the open back helps you stay cool in the Caribbean heat.

My favorite part: The neckline and open back


The vibe: chic wardrobe essential with a sexy twist

The feel: similar to the knit party set, this piece is adjustable and can be tailored for your exact size. The fabric is soft and cool on the skin, a godsend on a hot day in Cayman.

My favorite part: the wrap-around strings and zig-zag of the open back


The vibe: Santa Monica beach walk, but make it Caribbean. Ideal with an iced matcha latte in hand.

The feel: Simple white cotton ensemble with easy, breezy comfort. In regards to support, this is not an outfit I would run in; it’s better for gentle movements and/or lounging.

My favorite part: who doesn’t love a matching set? It’s classic, breathable, and oh-so-chic.


The vibe: bohemian elegance

The feel: a stainless steel, waterproof necklace, the stone and sun pendant is high quality and light on the neck

My favorite part: it goes with everything, the perfect island accessory

My Overall Impression

Spacie, in my opinion, is the place to go when you want an outfit that’s chic and on-trend, without unloading all of your money on overseas shipping. I don’t know any other store on Island that has its finger on the pulse quite like Spacie. And the process for purchasing is so slick, how can you not? Anyway, you’ve heard enough from me. Now that you know where to shop in Cayman, try it out for yourself and prepare to be amazed by how good you look wearing Spacie!

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What To Wear in the Cayman Islands

What To Wear in the Cayman Islands

When it comes to style, the Caribbean is an eclectic blend of luxury, casual beach vibes, and local island flavor. With all these seemingly contradictory tastes, it can be hard to know what to wear in the Cayman Islands. By no means am I well-versed in the world of fashion. However, I have identified eleven island girl essentials that have become staples in my Cayman wardrobe. I believe these could be welcome additions to your Caribbean closet as well. Whether you are preparing for a move, planning a visit, or are already living in this tropical paradise, I hope this essential list infuses your life and your attire with practical yet stylish island vibes.

# 1 Linen Pants

Effortlessly elegant, linen pants are a Caribbean wardrobe essential. I found the below featured pair at the Humane Society Thrift Shop (a recurring theme when it comes to my island attire). They are light, comfortable, and seem to pair with everything. Whether you’re chilling on the beach or adventuring around the island, these linen basics are a must have when you’re planning what to wear in the Cayman Islands!

# 2 Shades

Here in the Caribbean, we would be nothing without our sunglasses. Their practicality combined with serious style factor make them an invaluable accessory for island life. It is no secret that they can also be a great prop for a shameless brunch flex as well as the standard selfie. My featured shades were purchased in Camana Bay at De Sunglass Man.

# 3 Collective Swim Suits

When I was living in the Midwest, I literally purchased ONE swimsuit a year to wear throughout the few fleeting summer months. Here in Cayman, it is a very different story. There seem to exist infinite opportunities to parade around in swimwear. Even my frugal self has numerous rotations of one pieces, tops, and bottoms. My go-to bikini is Collective Swim’s black Kittiwake (named after the Grand Cayman shipwreck). Designed in and inspired by the Cayman Islands, I would recommend Collective Swim to any local or visitor looking for something uniquely Cayman and readily available on island.

# 4 Wide Brim Beach Hats

We love beach hats for the same reasons we love sunglasses — they are practical and timelessly chic. Something you probably did not know is that in a pinch, they make great shopping baskets! Warning: the cashiers may laugh at you but just tell them that you were inspired by Island Diaries. They’ll think it’s a movement…and that’s what it is 😉

# 5 Boyfriend / Button-Down Shirts

Prior to moving to Cayman, I would have never imagined that button downs and oversized boyfriend shirts would become such key players in my wardrobe. Coming from MinneSNOWta, I was dreaming of minimal-coverage island attire. I wanted the kind of tan I could never achieve in the Midwest. Months after moving, I find myself covering my arms every chance I get! Partly in an effort to block the sun but also because my body has acclimatized, no longer sweating profusely the minute I leave the AC. Boyfriend shirts and button ups are great for sun protection and provide a laid-back, beachy feel for any occasion. The Humane Society Thrift Store has quite the abundance of these styles. That is where I found the below featured tops!

# 6 Colorful, Statement Jewelry

The Caribbean invites a certain boldness in color and style than just wouldn’t make sense in other parts of the world. Since living in Cayman, I have unearthed the most unique, fun earrings (from the thrift store) that have become conversation pieces at every dinner or event I wear them to. Don’t go searching for this kind of jewelry though…it is best to let it find YOU.

# 7 The Iconic Kirk Grocery Bag

What costs $1 and serves as the perfect beach companion? Why, a reusable Kirk Market bag of course! While not the most luxurious of accessories, it gets the job done and adds local flavor to your island wardrobe.

# 8 Ultra-Versatile Denim Skirts

Leave it to the American to call the denim skirt an “island essential.” Say what you want, it truly goes with everything and is great to throw on over swimsuit bottoms. And yes indeed, both the below featured skirts are from the Humane Society Thrift Store.

# 9 The Romper

Back home I swear I considered buying a romper once every couple of months and they never made it past the dressing room. Living in the Caribbean, rompers have a certain je ne sais quoi that just works for the island lifestyle. Light and airy, this style offers a beachy, boho vibe that can be dressed up for a brunch or left casual for a beach day. Check out more of my thrift store finds below!

# 10 Head Scarf / Bandana

Beach-waves are a highly-coveted hairstyle that are quite achievable when living by the ocean. As lovely as this style is, it can lead to some pretty unruly hair. Not to worry, I have the perfect fix for this. Head scarves and bandanas are a simple and chic way to keep your hair out of your face and appear effortlessly beautiful wherever your island adventures may take you!

# 11 Comfy Slip-Ons

If my students didn’t ask me to tie their shoes on a daily basis, I may have forgotten how to do it by now. That is how infrequently I lace up because practically all of my shoes here are slip-ons. Flip-flops are an obvious essential if you are beaching on the regular; however, I would also recommend investing in comfortable sandals that can come on and off at a moments notice. This style is perfect for impromptu beach walks, beach restaurants, boat parties, and every occasion in between. Featured below are Viscata Menorcan sandals and an island-found pair from No. 1 Shoe Shop. Ideal shoes to wear in in the Cayman Islands!

Fun, beachy, and practical — those are the three words that describe my island wardrobe and I don’t see myself deviating far from this style anytime soon. The 11 island essentials I described today add comfort and lightness to the Caribbean lifestyle. Next time you are wondering what to wear in the Cayman Islands, take a page from Island Diaries and be sure to consult your local second hand stores! Happy shopping!

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