Top 3 Cayman Yoga Studios + My Class Recommendations

Top 3 Cayman Yoga Studios + My Class Recommendations

Here in Cayman, it’s all about balance. That means brunching on Sunday but still hitting the mat on Monday. Whether you’re a dedicated yogi or a downward dog dabbler, yoga is undoubtedly a great way to shake the manic Monday feeling and bring equilibrium into your week. While I myself fall into the latter category of dabbler, I’ve Chaturanga-ed my way through each of the featured studios and have formed opinions on all 3. (Hint: they each have their pros and cons). Read on to discover the Top 3 Cayman Yoga Studios and the classes I would recommend for each of them.

For chill beats and aromatherapy: Cayman Yoga Club

What’s to love? Clean white walls, modern design, and welcoming energy. Many of the teachers at CYC provide personalized, hands-on adjustments for their students in order to prevent injury and improve alignment. Their vinyasa classes flow beautifully to carefully-curated playlists, allowing you to slip deep into the movements. My favorite part of the classes, hands-down, is shavasana. Not just because I get to lie on the ground in corpse pose, but also because the teachers come around with cool, lavender-soaked towels, lightly pressing them over your eyelids. It doesn’t stop there; they also give heavenly mini massages to your temples and the back of your neck. You’ll feel like you’ve died and gone to heaven.

What’s NOT to love: The schedule is a bit sparse and there is not much variety in the class offerings. (Only vinyasa and slow flow).

The class to try: Vinyasa with Imani

Intro special: $59 for first 30 days, unlimited

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For flowy, haute fitness vibes: Bliss Yoga

What’s to love? The apotheosis of Cayman yoga, Bliss offers a wide variety of buzz-worthy classes like Hot 26+2, Core, and Power. I always leave the studio feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and well, tired AF (in the best way possible). The classes are challenging yet beginner-accessible, a dynamic which has attracted a community of loyal island yogis. Although pricey (like the rest of Cayman), their retail shop features coveted brands like Lululemon and Manduka.

What’s NOT to love: Because of their popularity, Bliss classes tend to fill up, making the studio space feel tight and cramped. I don’t know about you, but I really don’t like having other people’s feet in my face.

The class to try: Hot 26+2 with Manuella

Intro special: FREE for 7 days (limit 1 class per day) or $99 for 30 days (limit 1 class per day)

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For Pitta energy and witchy retail: One Heart Yoga & Apothecary

What’s to love? One Heart is different from any yoga studio I’ve been to. Dark exposed ceilings and eye-popping pink lotuses create a chicly enigmatic space sure to inspire your practice. Most noteworthy is their 800 square foot, sound-proof studio fittingly named ‘Pitta,’ after the fiery Ayurvedic dosha. One Heart’s sweatiest and highest energy classes take place in this room, some heated by infrared panels so you’ll feel that sweet, sweet burn from the inside out. Need a pep talk before Mark makes you hold your third Wheel Pose of the class? Check out the west wall full of quotes from famous rappers like Tupac and Biggie. Yoga aside, their showers are amazing and their apothecary shop is full of alluring elixirs, teas, and ceremonial incense.

What’s NOT to love: Though purely anecdotal, I once attended a class at One Heart with a playlist that featured a song by Fetty Wap. I was instantly transported to my college party days which was not the vibe I was after. And no, it was not the hot trap class, it was unheated slow flow.

The class to try: Baptiste Power Yoga with Mark

Intro special: FREE for 7 days (limit 1 class per day) or $100 for 30 days (limit 1 class per day)

[BONUS] For the adventurous yogi: SUP Yoga, Vitamin Sea

What’s to love? Paddle board yoga on the iconic Seven Mile Beach will make you feel like a fierce island goddess, surrounded by stunning turquoise waters and inspiring women. Kiristen Cousins, Cayman’s SUP Queen is a breath of fresh air, creating a safe and welcoming environment which allows you to laugh at wobbles and falls while continuing to challenge yourself. This class encourages you to feed off group energy, gathering motivation from fellow yogis and Kiristen herself. You may even make a forever friend at the class…I did!

What’s NOT to love: If you are someone who gets sea sick you may need to take a non-drowsy dramamine or some form of ginger prior to class. While the Seven Mile venue is known to be very calm, you will still feel a gentle but constant rocking that could upset your equilibrium while balancing on the board.

The class to try: Paddleboard Yoga (if you have a membership with Bliss, you can book through them as well)