These Aesthetic Playlists From YouTube Will Instantly Put You in A Good Mood

These Aesthetic Playlists From YouTube Will Instantly Put You in A Good Mood

What vibe are you trying to create at home and in your workspace? Did you wake up in Paris and you’re on your way to buy fresh flowers and café au lait? Do you miss last summer? Is your life a movie? Do you want to be that girl? Nothing satisfies main character energy like putting on a playlist matching the exact vibe you wish to manifest. The aesthetic playlists below will infuse effortless cool energy into your life, instantly making you the star of your own show.

be that girl | a morning motivation

I put on this aesthetic playlist when I want to feel…well…like that girl. POV: You woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed on this luxuriously white duvet (freshly laundered in non-toxic cruelty free detergent that smells of lavender and vanilla). The sun is shining. You step out to the balcony, clothed in an impossibly soft oversized t-shirt, and drink in the floral aroma of your well-tended garden. In a bit you’re going to prepare your matcha latte and head off to barre class. You simply have time for everything because you’re that girl.

cee playlist

songs for imagining your parisian life (french playlist/french cafe lounge)

Put this aesthetic playlist on to manifest a gorgeous Parisian life and/or to embody deliciously chic main character energy. POV: You’re Emily in Paris. You woke up in the swanky 16th arrondissement to Edith Piaf singing La Vie en Rose. Slipping on your black silk kimono, you spritz a bit of Coco Mademoiselle and make your way out to the balcony. You stare out over your steaming cup of café au lait and drink in the views of the Eiffel Tower, wondering if you should accessorize with a beret or a neck scarf for the day’s look. You think: damn, it’s good to be moi.

Paris aesthetic playlist

Sundays at Home | Latin

POV: You’ve just arrived home from a fabulous trip to Madrid and you are now magically fluent in Spanish. You’re dancing barefoot around the kitchen, pouring yourself a generous glass of Rioja and nibbling on 70% cacao chocolate. You light candles around your classically vintage apartment. Scents of sandalwood and mahogany fill the ambient space. Here you will spend the rest of the evening basking in your own sexiness and manifesting your next Spanish getaway.

latin aesthetic playlist

Sundancing this Summer | good vibes

summer aesthetic playlist

POV: You’re with your girls cruising the PCH. Windows down, hair wild. You’re rocking white high tops and a tie dye crop top, pamplemousse-flavored La Croix in hand. Your lips are stained red from the obscene amount of strawberries you picked up at the roadside stand 50 miles ago. A song by Surfaces comes on and your friend Demi says “turn that shit up.” You wonder if life could get any better.

“I cant talk right now i’m doing hot girl thingz”

This playlist if for getting ready to go out and giving your confidence a kick in the ass. POV: You made yourself a Negroni, threw on that little black dress, and now you’re doing your eyes in front of a Hollywood-style mirror vanity. The UberX is here so you grab your clutch, slip on your heels, and head out the door, leaving the scent of Chanel No. 5 in your path. Your night consists of martinis, hair-flips, and surreptitious glances at a sexy someone across the bar. Hot girl thingz.

hot girl aesthetic

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