5 Amazing Spots to Grab a Drink in Madrid

5 Amazing Spots to Grab a Drink in Madrid

Visitors of Madrid are like kids in candy stores. The city is teeming with terraces and tapas bar, each one offering a unique kind of allure that only the madrileños can pull off. With so many options, it can be hard to know where to start. Read on and narrow your search, discovering 5 amazing places to grab a drink in Madrid. Whether you’re after an elegant rooftop terrace or a buzzing local market vibe, this small but mighty list will get you off to a solid start.

#1 Ático 11 (Iberostar Hotel Las Letras)

The first azotea on our list, Ático 11 is perched atop the sprawling expanse of la Gran Vía, the most emblematic street in Madrid. It belongs to Iberostar Hotel Las Letras. Enter through the hotel lobby and take the elevator to the top floor, free of charge. Emerging onto to the rooftop is like stepping into an urban oasis. Flowers and greenery, sleek wood finishes and striped canopies, all give way to a cool, garden-like feel. Nestle into a cozy, verdant corner, or opt for a table with a view. of la Gran Vía The menu is unsurprisingly more expensive than your run of the mill tapas bar, but that comes with the elevated territory. Rest assured, you can still order a glass of wine for 4 euros, which, considering the stunning surroundings and free entry, is a hell of a deal.

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#2 El Viajero

Step out of the hustle and bustle of Gran Vía and into the narrow and winding streets of La Latina, one of Madrid’s most quintessential neighborhoods. There you will find El Viajero, a three-story corner building draped in cascading flora. The third floor hosts a small rooftop garden that will make you feel as though you’re a main character in a Spanish film. Many scenes for shows and movies have been filmed there, including the Netflix series Valeria.

If you’re looking to eat, El Viajero offers a simple, healthy menu with many delicious options. But, given the title of this post, you’re most likely in the market for liquid reinforcements. We settled for a simple tinto de verano, which was served alongside a complimentary side of potato chips for 4 euros each. The Spanish just do it better.

#3 Ginkgo Sky Bar

One last posh locale to explore before we head to some more simple, local favorites. Ginkgo Sky Bar is one of the most upscale, elegant terrazas of the city, offering 360 degree views of Plaza España and El Palacio Real. Unlike Ático 11, entry is unfortunately not complimentary. The fee to climb the elevator to the urban peak is 8 euros per person, but the vibe does not disappoint. The floor in the center of the terrace is glass, suspended above the swimming pool with transparent floor.

The menu at Ginkgo is, of course, on the pricey side. Specialty cocktails start at 14 euros a glass. To save a couple bucks and stay on the vino theme, we went for a white wine at 7 euros a glass. So in total, the entire rooftop experience costed us 15 euros a person. If you’re into amazing views and cool vibes, I would say it is worth the extra expense!

#4 Mercado San Miguel

All those rooftops have had us in our chairs for too long. It’s time to get up and move with the rhythms of a madrileño market. Mercado San Miguel is a tapas spot, more than anything; however, it’s also a great spot for a glass of sangria or vermut. Plus, ya gotta eat to be able to keep drinking. Located in barrio La Latina, the covered market boasts its original iron framework with glass windows throughout. The stalls are always buzzing, attracting adventurous and hungry travelers from all around the world. Once you have a drink in hand, you can work your way through fresh marisco, jamón ibérico, croquetas, and allllll the queso. ¡Buen provecho!

#5 Calle Cava Baja

To round out the list of where to grab a drink in Madrid, we have another tapas destination that makes for an equally fun drinking route. Calle Cava Baja is one of the most lively streets in Madrid, boasting 50 bars in only 300 meters. That’s less than the length of a track, imagine. Here you can bounce around from bar to bar, enjoying complimentary tapas with your cañas or vino, and rubbing elbows with travelers and locals alike. Many of the bars can get loud and become standing room only, but that’s all part of the experience. I won’t prescribe one single bar in particular. I recommend you flit in and out of various spots, allowing the buzz of voices and smell of patatas bravas to guide you. Y ahora, ¡a gozar!

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Cayman Islands East End Girls Trip Itinerary

Cayman Islands East End Girls Trip Itinerary

Are you looking for a unique day trip to shake up your girlfriend plans in Cayman? Look no further! Below you will find a unique East End itinerary featuring food, art, and drinks! While our outing did not include any beach stops due to overcast skies, I will offer some suggestions for additional or alternative activities to customize your very own girls day out! 

Stop #1 Jessie’s Juice

Jessie’s is a great rendezvous point to kick off your girls day out. Here you and your girlfriends can meet up and equip yourselves with caffeine for the exciting journey ahead! After all, what’s a road trip without a coffee companion?

Stop #2  Charles Long Art Studio

114 West Ln, Savannah

This East End itinerary features two very distinct art studios; the first of which is located in Savannah along a pebbled residential road beside the artist’s private home. Arriving at the Charles Long studio felt like total submersion into the local Cayman culture as Charles himself came out to greet us and shake our hands one by one. The studio is open and airy with natural light streaming through the domed ceiling. A visit to the gallery must be reserved in advance via Instagram or by calling directly. The pure island vibes and familiar spirit of this gallery make it an excellent detour off the beaten tourist trail. 

Instagram: @ckglong

Phone: +1 345-917-5741

Suggested Stop: Pedro St. James

Pedro Castle Road, Savannah

Charles Long’s studio is very close to Pedro St. James, a natural historic site situated alongside the sea. While I have yet to tour the 18th century Great House, I have enjoyed a drink and appetizers at the distillery that overlooks the water. There is also a stunning swimming hole that sometimes fills completely with water. Wear sturdy walking shoes and venture down the Ironshore to take a dip in the natural topaz pool.

Stop #3:  White Dog Art

Bodden Town Road

As you continue further east toward Bodden Town, you will near the second stop on our girls trip itinerary. White Dog Art is a simple modern house that greets visitors with a stunningly vibrant mural painted by the artist herself. Similar to our experience at Charles Long studio, the artist, Ren Seffer, came out to greet us with a warm and welcome smile. She invited us into her bright studio space where we felt right at home amongst her cheerful canvas paintings. It was so fun to see the contrast between the artwork of Charles and that of Ren. While both artists showcase a sea of bright, happy colors, their styles are utterly distinct and cannot be compared. (A visit to White Dog Art studio can be arranged through their website)

Instagram: @whitedogartcayman

Our group posing in front of the studio’s mural with Ren on the far right

Although I did not walk away with any pieces, I enjoyed getting to know more about the culture and history of Cayman through the art itself as many of the paintings featured emblematic places and people of the island. A few of the girls in our group gathered information from both artists to have a piece commissioned. This is also something to look into if you are searching for the perfect art for your home or as a gift.

Suggested Stop: Fruit Stand

Just up the road at the corner of Bodden Town Rd and Frank Sound Rd there is a fruit stand where you can pick up some local produce (cash only). This is a nice stop to restock your refreshments as you continue on your East End ramble!

Stop #4: Tukka

898, Austin Conolly Dr, Gun Bay

At this point in your girls trip, you have most likely worked up quite an appetite. No worries, delicious island fare is right around the corner! East End offers several excellent options for waterfront dining. For this itinerary in particular we selected Tukka, an Aussie-owned restaurant with a Caribbean twist. Their menu is quite large and diverse featuring local favorites as well as many international & Australian dishes. Being that our trip took place on a Sunday, they were offering a brunch deal for $CI 34. I myself ordered a la carte, selecting a lionfish taco and coconut prawns. While I am typically a cocktail girl, I was feeling rather rustic and decided to order a local bottle — Caybrew light. The highlight of lunch was sitting on their patio overlooking the water with a lovely ocean breeze!

Suggested Stop: Barefoot Beach

Queen Highway, East End

Unfortunately, the day we went on our East End trip it was a bit cloudy and cool (for Cayman standards) so we decided to skip the beach. However, I would recommend a stop at Barefoot Beach either before or after lunch. Even if you do not plan to swim, it is a beautiful spot to relax, take photos, and enjoy some drinks and snacks from the cooler. 

Barefoot Beach

Stop #5: Czech Inn

Bodden Town Rd

Circling back from East End en route to George Town, the Czech Inn is the perfect place to finish an East End outing on a high note. Arriving at the Czech Inn is a visual overload as this bohemian, outdoor bar and grill is decked out head to toe with unexpected decorations like surfboards for tables. While it is definitely not known for its scenery, the vibe of this place is one of a kind and 100% worth a visit. Although our group did not order food, the place has excellent menu reviews making it a perfect casual, roadside lunch spot. 

My thoughts on the day:

This itinerary provides a well-rounded cultural taste of East End that includes food, art, and nature. It is a perfect day trip for you and your girlfriends but could be enjoyed by anyone for any occasion! I am by no means an art enthusiast but I really appreciated the unique perspective these galleries provided me. I was able to see the island through the eyes of local artists — a truly special experience! I will definitely be back to Tukka soon for some more lionfish tacos and coconut prawns! Happy trails on your next journey out east!